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"Jika anda berbohong tentang sesuatu produk, anda akan didapati - baik oleh KERAJAAN, yang akan menghukum anda, atau oleh PELANGGAN, yang akan menghukum kamu dengan tidak membeli produk anda untuk kali kedua .

LIM of Taman Sri Bahagia, Cheras, wants a full refund for a P1Wimax broadband subscription he was never able to use.

"I have had problems receiving the Internet services since installation in March this year. On good days, there will be faint connectivity, and I have to take my laptop outside the house to receive the signals, but most of the time, I do not receive any signal at all," he says.
On April 30, LIM met a P1Wimax customer service representative at Taman Segar in Cheras to fill up a form to cancel his subscription and to return the wireless device.

"They stopped debiting monthly charges from my account since then. However, they emailed me to inform that terminating the account before the end of the service contract will incur a penalty fee of RM999.02 to be paid before July 5 this year.

"I understand that under Visa International chargeback rules and regulations, a credit cardholder has a right to claim a refund for charges posted in the credit card account for either services not rendered or merchandise not received.

"Since the P1Wimax services were not rendered to me, can I be fully refunded by this month?"

● A SPOKESMAN for Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the P1Wimax broadband service provider, says: "After speaking to LIM, we have agreed to waive the early termination penalty charges of  RM999.02.

"We will also refund RM49 which were the last charges imposed on LIM on April 26, which will be credited to his bank account by today.

"We hope he accepts our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused."


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