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 A  trainer 
shows parents how to handle and massage   babies at a 
‘Touch’ Infant workshop.
A trainer shows parents how to handle and massage babies at a ‘Touch’ Infant workshop. 
PETALING JAYA: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd is organising the "Touch" Infant Massage workshop for parents-to-be and new parents from July 3 to Aug 1.

A series of workshops will be held in seven states to show parents how to handle, bathe, and massage their infants.

Over 3,000 parents and nurses have attended similar workshops conducted in the last two years, said Johnson & Johnson managing director Joyce Lee.

"The workshops in the last two years have shown that more and more parents have become aware of the benefits of 'Touch' therapy, and are taking the initiative to learn the correct way to massage their babies," Lee said.
She said medical studies have shown that massage increases babies' bone growth by 15 per cent.

"Frequent massage can trigger the development of refined motor skills, muscle growth and orientation which are all crucial in helping babies to learn to stand up and walk," said Lee.

She said massage helps premature newborns to gain weight faster, and full-term and healthy babies to lower their stress levels and increase resistance towards diseases.

"During massage, there is a lot of eye contact between parent and baby. The loving touch of mum and dad also increases the interaction between them and their child. This strengthens the parent-baby bond," said Lee.

To register for the "Touch" Infant Massage workshop, the fee for each couple is RM20. This comes with a gift bag for each participant.

Each workshop will start with a talk by a paediatrician on bathing and infant massage, followed by a demonstration by a qualified trainer.

Each couple will also be given a CD and poster on infant massage.

For details on the venue of the workshops and registration, call the toll-free hotline 1-300-88-0566 on weekdays from 10am to 6pm.

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