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info harian

"Jika anda berbohong tentang sesuatu produk, anda akan didapati - baik oleh KERAJAAN, yang akan menghukum anda, atau oleh PELANGGAN, yang akan menghukum kamu dengan tidak membeli produk anda untuk kali kedua .

THE Sepang District Land Office has dug up a stretch of slip roads and erected boom gates at illegal sand-mining areas to prevent access to sand thieves.

Sepang district officer Mohd Amin Ahmad Ahya said they had so far seized 11 plots in Sepang and Puchong bordering Kuala Langat district with the issuance of the Notice 8A (notice of reversion to the state), which meant forfeiture of their property.

For all to see: A signboard at one of the seized plots to warn against illegal entry in Dengkil.
“We have to make it difficult for the operators to access the areas after it was shut down by the Land Office. Our focus now is to unearth more illegal sand operations in the district,” said Mohd Amin.

He said the plots shut down were in Ampar Tenang (1), Kota Warisan (2), Kampung Revolusi Hijau (2), Ringkas Kini (1), Solid Benefit (1), Kumpulan Hartanah (1), Magma (1), Jenderam Hilir (1) and Bukit Damar (1).
Deserted: A plot in Taman Puchong Mas bordering Kuala Langat district which was seized by the Land Office.
Mohd Amin added that the operators were first issued notices for flouting the law and then another asking them to explain why action should not be taken against them and finally the Form 8A under Section 130 of the National Land Code (NLC) — confiscation of the land.

It was reported that billions of ringgit is being lost through illegal sand mining in the state and the Sepang District Land Office went into full gear to shut down these illegal operations after they came under fire recently.

“We are monitoring the hotspots and have intensified our operations to curb these activities. Most of the plots seized are about 15 acres each,’’ said Mohd Amin.
Vast: A plot of land in Dengkil operated by state-owned Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd.
He said the enforcement unit had also placed signboards at all seized land to warn against illegal entry and that trespassers could be charged under Section 425 of the NLC which carried a fine of not more than RM10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding a year or both.


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